Daniel Joseph Durkin Illustrations



I am so pleased you are visiting my website! I am a Pratt Institute graduate who has been a freelance Illustrator for several years. An assortment of my card designs are available for purchase online and in stores across the United States, Canada, and Japan.

All of my illustrations are created on scratch board. The process begins with a piece of masonite that has been painted white, and then covered in a layer of matte black paint. I will sketch out my drawing in white pencil on the black surface which I scrape away to reveal the white color underneath. The process is a reductive method similar to the creation of a wood block print or a linoleum cut. Once the black and white drawing has been completed I will scan this into my computer and digitally add light layers of color to enhance the black and white.

Each card is a high quality digital print on heavy weight paper. The paper is sourced from a family-owned mill in Michigan and all of the printing is done in studio in Brooklyn, New York.

I enjoy creating the art and I feel a connection to my customers who appreciate my illustrations. Thank you for visiting my website.

Dan Portrait w Chin Revised 2016 Etsy.jpg